Anthony Worley and wife, Diana

On September 16, 1766, Anthony Worley received a Fairfax grant for 398 acres in Frederick County, Virginia adjoining Samuel Taylor, John Carney, Patrick McDaniel, Edward Lucus. I believe this was for his service during the Indian Wars. Anthony and wife, Diana, sold this land to Henry Bedinger on August 5th of the following year. This is the earliest reference we find for Diana Worley. She was questioned by Thomas and Van Swearingen and released her dower rights. The previous day Anthony had purchased a half-acre lot  from Bedinger “adjoining the town of Mechlinburg” [sic]. This may have been one of the half-acre lots that Thomas Shepherd marked off when he laid out the town of Mecklenburg and let subscribers have the lots for the duration of the Indian War. At the end of the war purchasers would pay 40 shillings and a yearly rent of 5 shillings sterling in return for which they would receive title. The town later changed its name to Shepherdstown in honor of its founder, Thomas Shepherd. Mecklenburg was just west of where Anthony was living in Frederick, Va.

Mecklenburg, or Shepherdstown, was only a brief stop for Anthony and Diana. They continued to push westward, along with so many other pioneers, and by 1768 Anthony appeared on the ‘Tax Assessment Returns of Bedford Co., Pa.’  which included Brothers, Colerain, Cumberland and Dublin Townships. Anthony was living in Colerain Township along with two other Worleys; Ezekiel, who presumably had a family with him, and Brice, who was listed as a single freeman.

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