Charlottesville Ten-Miler

“Let’s all run the Ten-Miler together!” my triathlon training son said to me. That was the spark that got me into this. “I will just go and try it”, out I said. “Don’t get your hopes up that I will actually be able to do it.” Nagging and a month or so of me heading out to run and coming home alive got my husband, the self-styled athlete in the family, to train. We couldn’t get our 13 year old son out of bed on Saturday morning, so he is out of it for this year.

Training to run a ten-mile race at age 50 is not as hard as I thought it would be. Our group started in October ‘running’ half a mile. I say ‘running’ because most of the group of runners I was a part of were all either new to running or just out of shape. We ran the curved portions of the track at UVa and walked the straight portions. That was the beginning of our training program. When I saw the 5 mile run coming up, I just knew I couldn’t do it. But we did it! Then we drove to DC to see the son that got us into this. He proceeded to march us all over the Capitol and then a hike to the Washington Monument. Don’t forget the walks to and from the subways. Needless to say, by 7 o’clock, I was done doing anything that involved using my legs.

Last Saturday, just 5 months later, this group ran 9 miles. No quotation marks – actual running! Some fast runners, some slow runners, but all runners.

Ok, training to run a ten-mile race is not as easy as I thought it would be when I was running 3 miles and feeling oh, so proud of myself.
Setbacks – Knee pain – first one knee, then the other. Pain-free Perfomance helped me through that.
– Colds – To run or not to run, that is the question. Or is the question, Is it in the head or in the chest? Right now, I feel the beginnings of bronchitis and am trying to get myself ready to go run 4 miles. Will I feel better or worse? Should I or shouldn’t I? I am putting it off by blogging instead.

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