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I have spent a lot of time in courthouses and on the web to compile the records found here. I would love your comments, additions or corrections. I will be sure to give you credit for your work.

Back to the question of who is related to whom . . . We have possible sons and their children in the following Worley lines with some variation of the name Brace. Brace/Brice who ended up in Monongalia Co., Va. in an area that became a part of Washington Co., Pa. A rather obvious one to be the son of Brace. His son, David had a son named Brice/Brace. Then there is Anthony. His son John married Patience Frazee and had a son named Joseph Brace Worley who named his son Brace. William Worley who married Nancy “Ann” Walling had a son named Brice. These three, Brace, Anthony and William are the only ones I have come across with sons named Brace. Can we safely assume that these are his sons?

At times, I have wondered if there is proof that William is Brace’s son. I have not seen it. Perhaps it is hidden in a marriage record or in the lawsuit between he and his wife against his father-in-law. William was born so much later [ca. 1760] than the rest of Brace’s children. Without proof, I might speculate that he was the child of the child of Brace. He could even be the son of Mary Taylor Worley and whoever her husband was. I wish I had the time for a trip to the Maryland Hall of Records.

I thought it might be a good exercise to state what evidence there is proof of or strong inference for and then to look at other families that continually pop up with the family, etc. It is amazing to note the difference in the paper trail left by Anthony Worley, who seems to have been literate, and the lack of a paper trail left by Brace Worley.

Records of Brace/Brice/Brasey etc. Worley –

  • Birth ca. 1700 if he first pays taxes in 1721
  • Name seems to only have been recorded as Brace, Bracey, Brice, or Bruce. Have not seen a document with Brassey or Brasey.
  • 1720 -Bracey Warley married Lurena Ghristopher at Christ Church, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • 1721 – Bracy Worley first appeared on tax assessment lists in Conestoga twp. in Chester County, Pa. [Lancaster Co. formed 1729] along with assumed brothers Caleb and Francis Worley.
  • 1724-1727 – Listed as Bruce Worley on these same tax lists with Caleb and Francis.
  • 1752 – Brice Worley bought 50 acres in Frederick Co., Md called “Worley’s Choice”. This land falls in present day Washington County. “In 1752, the beginning point of “Worley’s Choice” was identified as being near “the road (Cartledge’s) that leads from Jacob Mathias’ to Antietam and on the west side of a draft of the creek that Ambrose’s Mill stands on.” ” Where was he and what was he doing between 1727 & 1752?

[It is interesting to note that Joseph Ogle also patented land in Frederick Co., Md in 1752 and called it “Worley’s Delight”. I have seen it written, but have not seen proof, that Ogle’s daughter, Susannah, married Joseph Worley. This Joseph Worley went westward into western Pa./WVa. in the same time period as Anthony, Ezekiel, Brace, Achor, and Nathan Worley. Was he a son of Brace? Possibly. He, along with several Ogle’s, Sheperds, etc. was at Black’s Cabin in Ohio Co., Va. when that area was settled. He was later made an ensign in the militia and was possibly the Joseph Worley that helped to settle Illinois. But that is another story for another post.]

Records of Anthony Worley

  • Birth 1736 or earlier given he was involved in a murder trial in 1752 [assuming he was at least 16 when this trial occurred]
  • 1752 – Trial of the Kitzmillers for the murder of Dudley Digges
  • 1755 – Anthony took part in Braddock’s Campaign during the French & Indian Wars. He served under Capt. Richard Morgan. Muster Roll include Jacob Van Meter, William Chapline, William Spurgeon and others. It was on this military tour that he first saw the land around the Monongahelia River where he would later bring his family to settle.
  • 1757 – Purchase of land in Frederick Co., Va. by Joseph Chaplin[e] is described as adjoining Anthony Worley, Samuel Taylor, Jno. Borden, Edward Lucas, Robert Buckles, etc. Nearby was Israel Friend. [We know that Taylor’s dau. married a Worley and that Borden’s niece married a John Worley – all in the Frederick Co., Va area.]
  • 1766 – Anthony received a 398 acre land grant in Frederick Co., Va. adjoining Samuel Taylor, Edward Lucas and others.
  • 1767 – Anthony bought a 1/2 acre lot adjoining the town of Mecklenburg, Va. from Henry Bedinger.
  • 1767 – Anthony sold his Frederick Co. land grant to Henry Bedinger.
  • 1768 – Anthony Worley was on tax roll of Bedford Co., Pa. He was taxed on 2 horses and 2 cows. Ezekiel Worley was listed with 4 horses and 4 cows and Brice Worley was listed as a single freeman. Others on the list with familiar names – John Frazier, John Friend Jr., & Sr., John Spurgeon Jr. & Sr., Wm. Spurgeon.
  • 1770 – Anthony and Joshua Worley made settlements on the Sandy Creek in Monongalia Co., Va. Their lands were next to each other. This area later becomes Preston County, West Virginia. Question – what is the relationship between these two? Brothers or parent/child?
  • 1772, 1773 – Anthony continued to be listed on the tax rolls of Bedford Co., Pa.  Also listed these years – Archer/Achor and Joseph Worley. Joseph and Achor listed in 1774, but not Anthony.
  • 1772 – Berkeley County, Va. formed from Frederick Co., Va.
  • 1774 – Anthoney Worldley [sic] got “300 acres, branch of Cheat River, adjacent Richard Maurice”. [The Cheat River is a tributary of the Monongahela River in eastern West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania in the United States. Via the Monongahela and Ohio Rivers, it is part of the Mississippi River watershed.]
  • 1781 – Anthony received “one thousand acres of land in Monongalia county in the right of preemption, adjoining his settlement made on Sandy Creek in the year 1770”. He signed this land over to John Lewis and John Madison. His signature is on this document, so we know he was literate.
  • 1783, 1784 – Anthony listed as a nonresident on the tax lists of Bedford Co., Pa. Two Ezekiel Worley’s are also listed. One a single freeman, the other with a bit of land. One is assumed to be the son of Achor Worley, the other the brother of Achor.
  • 1784 – Anthony Worley receives a patent to his original settlement “. . . by virtue of a certificate in right of settlement given by the commissioners for adjusting the title of unpatented lands in the District of Monongalia, Yohogania, & Ohio and in consideration of the ancient Composition of 2 pounds sterling . . . 400 acres by survey bearing date 10 May 1781 on the waters of Sandy Creek”
  • 1784 – Anthony built a corn cracker mill in Hazelton.
  • 1785 – Anthony Worley was on Thomas Cheney’s List of Taxables in Preston Co., Va. along with several Judy’s, Spurgeon’s, Robinet’s, and a David Frazee, among others.
  • 1786 – Anthony Worley on tax list of Monongalia Co., Va. with one white male >21, 2 horses, 6 cattle
  • 1787 – Anthony Worley and Anthony Worley, Jr. on the tax list for Monongalia Co., Va. Anthony was listed as nontithable indicating he was judged as elderly or infirm and therefore not subject to taxation. Anthony Sr. listed with one white male 16-21. Since Anthony Jr. began paying taxes this year, perhaps this is John.
  • 1788 – Anthony, Sr., Anthony Jr., and John Worley are all on tax rolls of Monongalia Co. The lists this year show only the number of blacks over 16 and the number of cattle.
  • 1795 – Anthony and Dianah Worley sold “400 acres on Little Sandy Creek, near the mouth of Chenies [sic] Run & Mill Run” to Ezekiel Worley. This land was patented to Anthony 10 May 1781 & “included his 1770 improvement”.

From later census records we can give John Worley a dob of about 1766 and Anthony Jr. was b. sometime before 1775.

Other Worleys in the same area/same time frame

  • 1775 – Thomas Worly signs a “Petition of Freeholders of Berkeley County to the Convention, 1775”. Other names on this petition – Samuel & John Taylor, Capt. Wm & Wm Morgan 
  • 1776 – Thomas Worley signs the will of Thomas Shepherd (of Shepherdstown, WVa, father of David Shepherd) as a witness, along with Henry Scheets and Edward Lucas, Jr.
  • 1776 – Thomas Worley, Henry & Phillip Sheets gun makers “of Mecklenburg in the County of Berkley” offered to make guns for the Committee of Safety, “twenty-four good and well fixt Rifle guns per month. . .”
  • 1779 – and on – Thomas Worley is in Washington Co., Va.
  • 1781 – Brase [sic] Worley received “one thousand acres of land in Monongalia county in the right of preemption on both sides of the Dunker Creek adjoining his settlement made in the year 1773.” This is assumed to be another son of Brace/Brasey Worley.
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