Rebecca Worley – Daughter of Caleb Worley

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I have spent a lot of time in courthouses and on the web to compile the records found here. I would love your comments, additions or corrections. I will be sure to give you credit for your work.

Let’s start with Rebecca Worley since Caleb Worley, Sr’s estate records called Caleb, Jr. the eldest son, but not the eldest child, of Caleb Worley, Sr. leaving open the possibility that Rebecca was the oldest child. The first record found for Rebecca Worley was her marriage to Adam Gillin in 1741 by the Lutheran/German minister, the Rev. Stoever in Conestoga, Pa. Assuming she was a minimum of 16 when she married, this would give her a dob of about 1725.
In 1744 Adam Kellin purchased a lot on Queen Street in Lancaster from John Alteberger & his wife Maria. Adam Kellen, a malster [brewer] by occupation, died in March 1848 leaving no children. On his death bed he gave a noncupative [oral] will to two friends, Jacob van Lier and John Hastings, and left everything to his wife, Rebecca. Letters of administration for his estate were granted to his wife, Rebecca, and Caleb Worley & Francis Worley. This would have been her father, Caleb, Sr., and her uncle, Francis Worley, II. The reason I am sure this refers to these men and not, say, her brother Caleb,  is because in 1751 Rebecca states that Caleb Worley was dead and Francis Worley had left the area. [See below]
By September 1751 Rebecca had married Henry Helm, a cordwainer [shoemaker]. Together they petitioned Orphan’s Court to sell the land she inherited to pay the debts owed by the estate of Adam. Rebecca Keller states that she is the widow and surviving and only acting administratrix of Adam Keller because “the said Caleb Worley has died and Francis Worley has left the area.” We know that Caleb Worley died in early 1751; we’ll explore what happened to Francis in a later post. In December of the same year Rebecca and Henry Helm sold this to John Garvin. [They bought it back from Garvin in 1777.]
There are several other land records for Henry and Rebecca (Worley) Helm, including some involving her brother, David Worley. While early records of Henry indicate he was a cordwainer, later records show a change of occupation to innkeeper.  Henry Helm left a will in Franklin County, Pa. which was written 1787 and proven in 1789. He and Rebecca had at least nine children that are mentioned in the will. Several of his daughters married into the Lang/Long family, including Margaret who in 1764 married the Reverend James Lang of the Presbyterian church. Henry was himself quite involved with the church, being one of the originators of the Presbyterian Church of Lancaster, Pa. and serving as one of the first elders of that church. 
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2 Responses to Rebecca Worley – Daughter of Caleb Worley

  1. Mary Sumrall says:

    Would you have any idea where Rev. James is buried ?Some say, on his farm . Do you know
    Where his wife is buried?I have pictures of his Farm to share if you like. He is my 6x great
    Grandfather thru his son Henry. Mary Sumrall.

    • spotisadog says:

      I am so sorry that I don’t know where Rev. James was buried. I stopped searching Rebecca’s line once I had figured out who she was exactly and what had happened to her as I don’t descend from this line and I was searching the Worley line.

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