Landon/Langsdon Records in Va. until the Death of Esther in 1794

This posting contains all of this family’s records up until Esther Jones Lansdon died in 1794. Her will names children William, John, Phebe and Judith. I believe that Charles, Daniel, and William that served in the Revolution were sons of John & William. Will sort them out, hopefully, in a later post.

The Vestry Book of Southam Parish, Cumberland Co., Virginia, 1745-1792, Ann K. Blomquist
p. 26 13 Oct 1747 A line between Easter Lansdon and Matthew Age; A line between Easter Lansdon and John Worley

Cumberland Co. Book 2 p.23
Nov. 27, 1752. Cumberland County, Virginia. Peter Fore of King William Parish, Cumberland County, Virginia sells to Samuel Flourney… “land on Matthews Branch…lying between the lines of James Smith, Peter Anthony Lookadoo, Daniel Fore, Esther Lansdon, John Smith and Gideon Flourney…300 acres…it being the land on which the said Peter Fore now liveth…” Mary the wife of the said Peter Fore signs her dower rights in this land, witnesses: Bennett Goode, John Bondurant, James Harris.

Cumberland County Deed Book 2
p. 370 18 Oct 1757 John Lansdon witnessed the deed of sale from “Anthony Agee of the County of Albemarle” to ” John Scurry of the County Cumberland”.

Douglas Register
5 Dec. 1761 Born to John Lansdown and Frances Whirley a son William Lansdown. Baptized March 6, 1762

The Vestry Book of Southam Parish, Cumberland Co., Virginia, 1745-1792, Ann K. Blomquist
p. 175, 27 Feb 1765 Processioning
lines between Wm. Maxey & Easter Langsdon . . . between John Pleasants & Easter Langsdon . . . between Wm Whorley & Easter Langsdon.

Cumberland Co., Virginia Court Order Book 1770-1772, p. 439
25 May 1772 William Combs Johns plaintiff against William Langsdon defendant. In trespass assault and battery. Conditional judgment against the defendant.

“Ten-thousand Name” petition, presented during the first General Assembly session on October 16, 1776. Asking for disestablishment of the Church of England as well as religious equality,
Silas Worley
Wm Lansdon [p. 257]
John Langsdon [p. 191]
John Lamdon [p. 224]
Jeremiah Hatcher [p. 257]
William Lansdown [p. 63]

Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 30, No. 2, p. 83
5 Nov 1776 John Langsdon and William Langsdon sign petition to the House of Burgesses requesting that Cumberland Co. Virginia to be divided into two counties

Powhatan Co., Va Order Book 1
p. 37 21 May 1778 “We present William Lansdone for profane swearing three oaths”
p. 46 “The commonwealth against William Lansdone on a presentment for swearing three profane oaths.” Served, failed to appear, fined 15 shillings + costs

p. 62 17 Sept 1778 Betty Worley Plaintiff against Phobe Lansdone, Defendant, In Case
“The defendant by her attorny imparls specially in this case” [imparls specially – to have time before pleading]
p. 82 Worly v. Lansdone, In Case. ” The Defendant pleads not guilty and tender issue. Whereupon the plaintiff joins the Issue.”
p. 91 Phobe Lansdone found guilty [but of what???] verdict for plaintiff for 100 pounds in damages + costs

Powhatan Co., Va. Deed Book 1
p. 85 25 May 1779
Esther Lansdon of Powhatan County to Samuel Flournoy, for 325 pounds, 100 acres of “land lying on North side of Buckingham Road . . . the same land that William Lansdon formerly lived on” between the lines of William Worley, Robert Pleasants, Esther Lansdon & Samuel Flournoy.
witnesses John Maxey, John Smith [mark], Margt. Maxey

3 or 4 Langsdon men enlisted during the Revolution
William Langsdon May 1780 – served his full term. Rec’d bounty land Military certificate number: LO 4006.
Daniel enlisted Sept 1781 and deserted or was discharged May 1783 [Some indexes have this as Samuel]
Charles Langsdon enlisted July 1781 – assigned their rights and pay to Joshua Humphrey in 1789.
Charles Langsdon was living in Bullit co., Ky and receiving a pension there in 1819 and still in 1835. Rec’d bounty land Military certificate number: LO 4007.

Virginia Revolutionary War Records
4001 Langsdon, Danl. (Wm. Pettijohn, assnee.) Soldier War
Daniel Langsdon served as a substitute for Edward Watkins of Powhatan Co. to go to York town where he remained until after the surrender of Cornwallis. He was listed as a private on Rev. War Rolls of Continental Troops of the 1st Light Dragoons, Jan. 1783.
4006 Langsdon, William (Joshua Humphry, assnee.) Soldier War – in the 1st Regiment of Light Dragoons
4007 Langsdon, Charles (Joshua Humphry, assnee.) Soldier War – on Rolls of 1st Regiment of Light Dragoons –

William Langsdon served as a private in the revolution
enlisted May 1780 & served full term
21 Jan 1785 assigned all their rights and pay to Joshua Humphrey & Chas Langsdon – he rec’d bounty land Military certificate number: LO 4006.

Charles Langsdon served as a pvt in revolution Military certificate number: LO 4007.

Revolutionary War Pensions []
Charles Langsdon md Edith Burks, d/o Richard Burks of Burks Old Store in Prince Edward County, Dec 1788 [clerk of court transcript of father’s permission] or 15 Dec 1781 [Edith’s recollection]. Edith states that she married Charles “after said Langsdon had quit the army”. [Records at show that Charles received pay Jany 1783 and his last two pays were received in 1785 by Mr. Humphreys and in 1786 by a William Reynolds.]

Powhatan Court 2 April 1782.
Present in Court Thomas Turpin Robert Smith Edward Haskins and Richard Crump Gentlemen Justices [p.205].
John Liggon [p.205].
Samuel Hyde Saunders
Thomas Moseley
Joseph Salley
Anthony Christian
William Proser
Matthew Farley
John Langsdon

1783 Powhatan Co. Tax List
John Langsdon 8 whites 3 blacks p. 59
William Langsdon 4 whites 1 black p. 58
William Landsdon 5 whites 1 black p. 59

Powhatan Co., Va. Deed Book 1
p. 306 20 Dec 1784
Esther Lansdon of Powhatan County to John Flournoy, 105 pounds for 42 acres between lines of Esther Lansdon, John Flournoy, and David Flournoy
witness Horation Maxey, Elisha Maxey [mark], Thomas [illegible]

Langstons and Their Kin
16 Jan 1785 Chesterfield Co., Va Betsy Langdon married Haley Grisel

Powhatan Co., Va. Deed Book 1
p. 307 25 Apr 1785 Esther Langsdon to Oratio [Horatio] Maxey, 4 pounds for 2 acres
witnesses Geo. Smith, Elisha Maxey, John Maxey

Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants, Bockstruck.
Langsdon, Charles VA Solider. Sept 16, 1785, 200 acres
Langsdon, Daniel VA Solider. Sept 16, 1785, 200 acres
Langsdon, William VA Solider. Sept 16, 1785, 200 acres

Powhatan Co., Va. Deed Book 1
p. 392 28 Sept 1786
Esther Langsdon to Horatio Maxey for 10 pounds, 5 acres adj. land where Horatio Maxey now lives

Revolutionary War Pensions []
“Nancy” Ann Langsdon md. John Maxey in 1787 [or 1789], Powhatan Co., Va by Rev. Elisha Maxey [supposedly this John Maxey the son of Sylvanus Maxey and Elizabeth Lansdon]John Maxey stated that he was 69 in 1832 and that he was b. Prince Edward Co., Va [=> b. ~1763]
In April 1781, when he was 16, he was put on muster list and put to guarding the magazine in Prince Edward County.
His bro. was Shadrach Maxey
John Maxey d. 4 Jan 1840 in Powhatan
Ann was 93 on 30 April 1856 [=> dob ~1763]

1787 Census of Virginia
Lansdon William self 0 1 0 1 1
Lansdon Esther self 0 2 1 3 4 – [not tithable]

1790 Powhatan Co., Virginia Tax List
Persons Names
Wm Lansdon [charged w/tax] Will Lansdon [name of free wht male >16] 1 slave >16 2 horses
Esthr Lansdon [charged w/ tax] 2 slaves >16 2 horses
Jno Lansdon [charged w/ tax] Jno Lansdon [name of free wht male >16] 1 horse

Will Book 1, p. 281 Powhatan County, Virginia
Esther Langsdon writes her will 17 Nov 1792,:
First, To my son William Langsdon the one half of all my land lying on the south West side of a Branch called Dillions [this could be Sillion or Lillions] Branch (which runs through my plantation) & to include the plantation whereon he now lives during his natural life & at his death to be equally divided among all his children.
Item to my son John Langsdon the other half of my land on South West side of said Branch to include the plantation whereon he now lives, to him and his heirs forever.
Item I give to my daughter Judith Langsdon all my lands lying on the North East side of the Branch aforesaid including the plantation whereon I now live, also two negroes Anthony and Jinny and their future increase together with my stock of horses, cattle, and hogs, all my kitchen and household furniture & Plantation utensils to her and her heirs forevever. I also give unto my daughter Judith during her lifetime two negroes Peter & Nelly & at her death my will is that the said Peter & Nelly with her children be free.
Item I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Maxey one shilling.
Lastly I do appoint my daughters Judith Langsdon and Phoebe Langsdon executors of this my last will and testament.”
Witnesses John Maxey and Horation Maxey
probated 19 Dec 1793
p. 285. Inv. & appr. rec. 20 Mar. 1794.

Even though Esther died more than 50 years after the death of her husband William Lansdon, I am certain that this is his widow because:
*She is mentioned throughout the years in records books but no other death record for any Esther Lansdon [or any other spelling] was found. A woman with this much property to disperse would have her death mentioned in some kind of court documents, either inventory & appraisals, administration, or whatever.
*This is the only family of Lansdons or Langsdon of any spelling in this area during this time period. I included all that were found in the record books.

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5 Responses to Landon/Langsdon Records in Va. until the Death of Esther in 1794

  1. Bill Taylor says:

    You have some great information here! I descend from Zachariah Lansdon. I and other cousins have been on the trail trying to find his ancestors, to no avail. We know that he married Frances Hambleton, in Amherst, VA, in 1813. I have also found a Zachriah Lansdown as being a private in the War of 1812, out of Virginia. It seems to me, timing wise that he could be a son of the above mentioned William or John. We have his birthdate narrowed down to 1788 to 1790. It would be great to hear your thoughts.

    Best Regards,

    Bill Taylor

    • spotisadog says:

      I have no proof either way, but I tend to think that perhaps he was really a Lansdown because other than his one marriage record he tended to spell his last name Lansdown. He could possibly be one of William Lansdown of Bedford’s sons. He had several that are unaccounted for. However, when you consider the fact that he moved to Missouri he is more likely a son of one of the Halifax Co. Virginia Lansdowns.

  2. Eric Langsdon says:

    I am a decendent of Charles Langsdon and Edith Burks. We have trace our family back that far, but don’t know who Charles’ parents were. A couple more generations back and we can get into the old world relatives. Any thoughts or new information.

  3. spotisadog says:

    Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your comment. I assume that you have seen the will of Edith’s father, Richard Burks, that I posted. (see He mentions daughter Edith Langsdon in it. I keep wishing there were more clues, but at least it identifies them (Charles & Edith) as having come from this region in Va and so we know that the Charles referred to is, in fact, the same Charles. We also know that he must come from this family of Lansdon/Langsdons because they were the only ones in the area.

    If you have any specific questions, I will try to answer.

    • Eric Langsdon says:

      Simply, I wish to know who Charles Langsdon’s parents and grandparents were. I am trying to trace back as far as possible and I get snagged at Charles because I can’t figure out who his father is

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