John Langsdon and Frances [Fanny] Worley & Family

Douglas Register
5 Dec. 1761 Born to John Lansdown and Frances Whirley a son William Lansdown. Baptized March 6, 1762.

From this we can infer that John and Frances were married before December 1761. Frances was the daughter of William Worley who resided in Powhatan and later moved to Bedford County, Virginia where he died in 1787. They seem to have been able to make both grandfather’s happy by naming this child William!

“Ten-thousand Name” petition, presented during the first General Assembly session on October 16, 1776. Asking for disestablishment of the Church of England as well as religious equality,
John Langsdon [p. 191]
John Lamdon [p. 224]

Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly, Volume 30, Number 2
p.82, 83 5 Nov. 1776 Petition from the citizens of Cumberland county to divide the county into two smaller parishes so that it would be easier for people to conduct public business such as voting, etc.
Wm Worley
Wm Langsdon
John Langsdon

Powhatan County Court 2 April 1782.
Present in Court Thomas Turpin Robert Smith Edward Haskins and Richard Crump Gentlemen Justices [p.205].
John Liggon [p.205].
Samuel Hyde Saunders
Thomas Moseley
Joseph Salley
Anthony Christian
William Proser
Matthew Farley
John Langsdon

1783 Powhatan Co. Tax List
John Langsdon 8 whites 3 blacks [h/o Frances Worley] p. 59
William Langsdon 4 whites 1 black – p. 58
William Landsdon 5 whites 1 black – p. 59

One William is Wm, the brother of John, and the other is Wm, the son of John.

Will Book A, Bedford Co., Virginia, page 533
Will of William Worley, written June 30 1787: probated October 22 1787
“being in Perfect Health…” Unto beloved wife Mary Worley during her life all my land and personal estate except what my four daughters has now in their possessions.
To my daughter Fanny Langsdon a cow and calf, a ewe and lamb, one bed and pot that she has now in her possession. . .
This proves that Fanny Langsdon was indeed the daughter of William Worley who moved to Bedford County.

1790 Powhatan Co., Virginia Tax List
Persons Names Chargeable w/ Tax Names of Free Male Tithables over sixteen
Wm Lansdon Will Lansdon 1 black >16 2 horses

Esthr Lansdon 2 blacks >16 2 horses

Jno Lansdon Jno Lansdon 1 horse

Powhatan County Marriage Book 1773-1853
p. 19 25 Apr 1791 Edward Brand to Julia Langdon d/o John wit. Horatio Maxey. nfr
p. 36 4 Jun 1798 Benjamin Langsdon to Anna Magruder d/o Joanner (sic) Magruder

I am pretty sure that Benjamin is John’s son because John’s will (see below) leaves everything to his children and grandchildren equally, and in 1835 Bourbon Langsdon, son of Benjamin, sells “the land he received as a legatee of John Langsdon” in 1835. [Legatee – also known as a beneficiary. Person named in a will to receive property. A legatee is a person to whom a legacy is given by a last will and testament.]

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol VI, Virginia
Bedford Co. Marriages
Aug. 1, 1791; Thomas Millam & Lucy Langsdon; William Shepherd, Surety; Married by Jeremiah Hatcher, Aug. 1, 1791.
Don’t know if this Lucy is a relation or not. I do know that Jeremiah Hatcher was a Baptist preacher who moved from Powhatan County to Bedford County about the time William Worley, who was the grandfather of John Langsdon’s children, also moved to Bedford.

Powhatan Co., Va. Deed Book 2
p. 682 30 Apr 1800 John Langsdon to John Fagan for 40 dollars – 4 acres

1801 Powhatan Co., Virginia Tax List
Judith Lansdon [charged w/ tax] 3 slaves >16 1 horse 1. 44 tax
Wm Lansdon [charged w/ tax] Wm Lansdon [free white male >16] 1 slave >16 . 12 tax
John Lansdon [charged w/ tax] John & Arthur Lansdon [free white males>16] 4 horses . 48 tax

From the last entry, I am assuming that because Arthur is living in John’s home he is the son of John.

Powhatan Co., Va. Deed Book 2
p. 261 5 Oct 1804 William Langsdon, Rebecca Langsdon, Martha Langsdon, and Hannah Langsdon to John Deane for 17 pounds 8 acres adj. land of Joseph Trabue and John Langsdon.
All signed with a mark, not a signature.

Powhatan Co., Va. Deed Book 4
p. 598 9 Jan 1807 William Langsdon, Elizabeth Langsdon, Rebecca Langsdon and Hannah Langsdon to Benjamin Langsdon for 25 pounds, 25 acres
witness – Royal Langsdon

Are Elizabeth and Martha the same person? Or was Martha a first wife and Elizabeth a second wife?

This is the only reference to Royal Langsdon that I have found in Virginia. He next turns up in Kentucky in the 1810 Census of Bullitt County. In the 1830’s Edith Burks Langsdon, wife of Charles Langsdon, files for a Revolutionary War pension and she states that her daughter Elizabeth married Royal Langsdon. I am pretty positive that Charles Langsdon and Royal Langsdon were cousins. One was the son of William and one was the son of John. But who belongs to whom?

He must have left Virginia shortly after this as he is in Kentucky and married with a child by 1810.

Charles named his eldest son John, his next son William, and his last son Charles. Can we guess that John was his father? Definitely not with any certainty, but maybe with a little probability. I will be posting stuff on the Kentucky branch of these Langsdon’s under Charles’ name in the next few days.

Powhatan Co., Va. Deed Book 4
p. 160-161 20 June 1810 Elina Magruder “for love, goodwill and affection towards Benjamin Langsdon’s three children” Burbin. Narcisse, Levina . . .
I guess from this we can assume that Benjamin only had the three children. This makes it easier to assign Rowland to Arthur.

1810 Census, Virginia, Powhatan
Phobe Langsdon
2 females >45 7 other free persons 9 slaves
These two females would be Phebe and Judith, daughters of William and Esther Lansdon

Benjn Langsdon –
1 male 10-16 2 females <10
1 male 26-45 1 female 26-44 4 other free persons
This would be Benjamin and Ann plus Bourbin, Narcissa, and Lavinia

William Langsdon
1 man 45+ 2 girls 16-25
1 woman 45+
William, Rebecca, Hannah, ?wife?possibly Elizbeth Wooldridge Langsdon?

John Langsdon
1 boy 10-15 1 girl <10
1 boy 26-44 woman 45+
man 45+
John and wife, Frances, son, Arthur & Rowland? Is Rowland the son of Arthur? Surely the two youngest here could not possibly be the children of John and Frances. The young girl is possibly John’s granddaughter, Edith B. Langsdon, who he mentions in his will.

War of 1812 Service Records (
Rowland Langsdon, Pvt., 4th Regiment, Virginia Militia, roll 121/602 (Ancestry records also has him in 5th Regiment)

Amherst County Marriages
13 Oct 1813 Zachariah Lansdon md Frances Hambleton
Is this a Langsdon/Lansdon or is he really a Lansdown?

Powhatan Co., Va. Order Book 12
p. 25 17 Feb 1814 Sale from William, Elizabeth, Rebecca & Hannah Langsdon to Benjamin Langsdon
Would this be William and wife, Elizabeth, and two daughters?

Powhatan Co., Va. Deed Book 5
p. 109 4 Feb 1814 Decree of Court 15 Dec 1813 to sell to John Winfree, the estate of Phebe Langsdon, 173 1/2 acres “on Matthew Agee Creek adj. John Langsdon” for $1344.62. This creek is normally referred to in documents as Matthew’s Creek.

Powhatan Co., Va. Order Book 12
p. 220 19 Oct 1814 Arthur Farley charged with beating John Langsdon at Langsdon’s house
p. 318 19 Apr 1815 “John Maxey & John Langsdon and William Langsdon only brothers of Phoebe Langsdon dec’d”
David Maxey, Priscilla Maxey, Shadrach M., Joel M., Henry M. Fanny M. [wife of Wm. Shepherd], Mary M. [md to a Burnett], Aggy M. [md to a Hix], and Sally M. [md to Thompkins?]
All, including John Maxey, are identified as the “children of Betsey Maxey, the dec’d sister of the aforesaid Phoebe Langsdon”

From the April 1815 entry we can disqualify all the other Langsdon men as brothers of Phoebe, and since we know who Phoebe’s sisters are (Elizabeth Maxey and Judith Langsdon), we have the children of William and Esther Lansdon/Langsdon figured out.
But what made John Farley so mad? John Langsdon was an old man in 1815 and he came to his house and beat him? I wonder if it had anything to do with the lawsuit mentioned below?

Free People of Colour–Freed Negroes, Indians, Portuguese and Freed Slaves, Mary Beth Kegley
“Seventy-one-year-old Frances Langsdon, who was raised in William Clay’s household, deposed in Powhatan County on 22 March 1816 that Clay owned a “coloured woman” by the name of Nan who was said by Clay to have been born of an Indian mother, that Nan was the mother of Rachel who was sucking her when Henry Clay died, and that Nan was the sister of Indian Judy whose children regained their freedom. Nan was the mother. ”

Wythe Co., Virginia Court Records
Fanny Langsdon gave depostions in the case of John Draper, Sr. v. Rachel. First deposition dated 25 July 1814, she states she is 69 years old and was born and raised in Powhatan Co., Virginia “in the neighborhood of old William Clay and Henry Clay”. She gave another deposition 12 October 1814. She states she is “in her seventeeth year”. On 22 March 1816 she gave a third depositon at the house of John Dean where she stated she “was raised principally in the family of William Clay.”

John Langsdon also gave depositions in this case [John Draper, Sr. v. Rachel]. In Oct. 1814, at the house of John Dean in Powhatan Co., he states he is 75 years old, born and raised in Powhatan Co. He gives another deposition on 22 March 1816.

We can see from this that John Langsdon and Frances Worley Langsdon are still living in 1816.

Powhatan Co., Va Will Book 5
p. 183 Will of William Langsdon 21 Dec 1816 . . . to my daughter Hanna Langsdon, negro woman named Betty, all the property I may be possessed of at my death, the money that may be coming from the estate of Phebe Langsdon, dec’d, my household furniture and that Hanna be executrix

William mentions no other children in his will. We know his daughter Nancy “Ann” Langsdon Maxey was still living because she applied for bounty land for her husband’s service in the Revolutionary War in April of 1856. [Nancy married her first cousin, John Maxey, in 1795 in Powhatan County.] William’s daughter, Rebecca, married Walker Bowler in January 1819 and William wrote his will in December 1819. I suspect that Hannah may be the daughter of a second wife. Possibly this was Elizabeth Wooldridge who supposedly married William Langsdon.

Powhatan Co., Va Deed Book 6
p. 99 12 Nov 1816 Deed From Benjamin Langsdon and wife Ann of Powhatan County to Rebecca Bowler and Hannah Langsdon for $83.34, 25 acres on the waters of Mathew’s Branch “the land the said Benjamin Langsdon purchased from William Langsdon, Rebecca Langsdon (now Bowler) and Hannah Langsdon.”
Note in margin of deed book 3 Feb 1817 “The original deed delived to Benjamin Langsdon, with a commission, by order from Walker Bowler, husband of Rebecca Bowler.”

1820 Census, Virginia, Powhatan Co., p 29A
Langsdon, Benjamin
1 boy 16-26 1 girl 10-16 3 persons engaged in manufacturing
Benj. 45+ 1 girl 16-26
woman 45+

Langsdon, Roling M.
1 boy 16-26 1 person engaged in manufacturing
Rowland/Roling is first mentioned in War of 1812 records (above) as having served as a private in the Virginia Militia. I have found no record for him in 1830, but he turns up in the 1840 Kentucky census in Caldwell Co., still engaged in manufacturing or trade. In 1850 he is listed as Rowland M. Langsdon, so I a fairly certain these records refer to the same individual.

Powhatan Co., Va Deed Book 8
p. 50 28 Mar 1822 John Langdon of Powhatan County and James North “unnaturalized citizen of the same county” for $1, 7 1/2 acres adj. John Deane on west, John Randolp on east, William Langsdon heirs on north and by John Langsdon, and on south by John Langsdon.
witness – Arthur Langsdon

Powhatan County Virginia Will Book 6 – Will of John Langsdon
p. 250 written 1 Aug 1820 proven 18 April 1822
“to grand daughter Edith B. Langsdon one feather bed and furniture at my death. . . I lend all the rest of my estate of every kind to my son Arthur Langsdon land, negroes, horseds, cattle and household and kitchen furniture, plantation tools, crops of corn, fodder and wheat and whatever else I may do possessed of, to him during his life and after his death the lands and every other article to be sold and the money arising from such sale, to be equally divided amongst my children and grandchildren.” Arthur Langsdon, executor.

Powhatan Co., Va Deed Book 9
p. 102 8 Jan 1825 Deed From Arthur Langsdon to Burben Langsdon $300 for 88 acres in Powhatan County adj. John Deane, Walker Bowler, John Winfrey, and Daniel Farley “to have during the life of Arthur Langsdon”

Powhatan Co., Va Deed Book 10
p. 355 13 Jan 1828 Bourbon Langsdon of Powhatan County for love and affection to sister Lavinia for $1, 100 acres Bourbon Langsdon bought from Arthur Langsdon adj. John Deane, Ellis Bowler and others “in the lower end of Powhatan County”
Note in margin 4 Oct 1856 Original deed delivered to Lavinia Bailey (formerly Lavinia Langsdon)

Powhatan County Marriage Book 1773-1853
Richard J. Owen Narcissa Langsdon 16 Feb 1826 Powhatan d/o Benjamin

1830 Census, Virginia, Powhatan Co.
Bourbin Langdon
1 male 30-40 1 female 20-30
1 female 60-70 I think that this is Ann Magruder Langsdon, Bourbin’s mother.

Arthur Langsdon [next entry]
1 male 50-60

Powhatan County Marriage Book 1773-1853
John Hollaway Edith Langsdon 6 Sep 1830 Powhatan
Joseph A. Bailey Lavinia Langsdon 29 Aug 1831 Powhatan d/o Benjamin, John W. Faudree g’d’n, witnesses – Elbert Jackson, Ann Langsdon, Ann Faudree, & Wade W. Wooldridge

Powhatan Co., Va Deed Book 11
p. 400 3 Jun 1831 Deed from Nelly McGruder & Laviniah Langsdon to neighfewe [nephew?] William Thomas Owen son of Rich’d Owen of Powhatan County for goodwill and affection . . . beds, other furniture, hogs, one cow, etc. signed Elina Magruder
attest Bourbon Langsdon, Arthur Langsdon [mark]
p. 470 30 Aug 1831 Deed from Levinia Langsdon to Albert Jackson trustee “for my little neiffew” William Thomas Owen son of Richard Owen for $10 tract, part of which where my mother now lives and 110 acres
witness Richard Owen, Bourbon Langsdon, Arthur Langsdon

Powhatan Co., Va Deed Book 12
p. 452 3 Feb 1834 Bourbon purchased 37 acres from Joseph Bailey for $1
p. 453 Bourbon binds this land to Peter Ogilly and Henry Jackson “son that his sister Lavinia Bailey and her children can live there” without Joseph Bailey losing the land to debts. Joseph Bailey inherited this land from his father, George Bailey.

Powhatan Co., Va Deed Book 13
p. 195 1 Aug 1835 Bourbon Langsdon sells to William Graves, trustee for the children of Joseph and Lavinia Bailey, for $1 the “land he received as a legatee of John Langsdon, dec’d” for the benfit of the children of Joseph and Lavinia Bailey

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I have spent a lot of time in courthouses and on the web to compile the records found here. I would love your comments, additions or corrections. I know that you descendants of this family, few though you may be, will enjoy this.

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