Sorting Out the Early Lansdowns in Northern Virginia

The post on the Landsdowns contains so much information that I kept picking at it, looking to sort it out. I came up with a not so perfect look at the groups which I think refutes some of the trees on the web that just pick Lansdowns with the same first name and assume they all refer to the same person. I have to be really careful when I am looking at these people to focus on locations and dates. I am going to try to post this in a more visual way, rather than just listing things chronologically.

Nicholas Lansdown
1628 Nicholas b. [in England?]. Year taken from his own statement claiming to be 33 years in 1661.
—- md. Alice [–?–] before 1659 – Did they come to America together?
1659 Nicholas and Alice Lansdown sell land to John Washington in Westmoreland Co.
1661 Nicholas gives testimony in a Maryland Court.
1662 He was a ‘surveyor of the road’ in Westmoreland Co.
1665 d. Westmoreland Co., Virginia, leave will which mentions wife, Alice, and dau., Mary.

William Lansdown
1665 A William Landsdown is sent/arrives in Virginia from Bristol, England as an apprentice to Phillip Bisse. This is the same year as Nicholas’ death, which makes them seem connected. But, are they? This William could be anywhere in the state of Virginia and was probably between about 7 and 20 some years old. He is to serve 9 nine years.

William Lansdown
1739 William Lansdown is paying rent to the Beard family in Westmoreland Countyas evidenced by the will of John Beard written 10 October 1839. Seventy-four years have passed, making it unlikely that this is a reference to the William that came in 1665. He could easily be a son of Nicholas’ that was not named in his will, or, unlikely as it seems, he could be the William that arrived as an apprentice.
1753 William Lansdown d. Westmoreland Co., Virginia. His will mentions children: George, John, William, Mary, Lucy, and Sarah. If this is the same William mentioned in 1739, it now becomes almost impossible for him to have been the William that came to Virginia in 1665 as an apprentice. He would be about 100 years old if that was the case.

Would like to point out that the son John mentioned in this will is NOT the John that married Frances Whirley in Goochland County. That is another family, they lived in another part of Virginia, they left records in that area from 1761 until 1818. Please see the post of John and Fanny Langsdon.

I believe that sons William and George both went to Halifax County, Virginia. William stayed but a short time and moved on to Wilkes County, North Carolina by at least 1782 when the first record of him paying taxes there shows up. I have not looked extensively at the tax records there and he could have arrived there earlier.

William Lansdown to Halifax and then North Carolina?
1754 William Lansdown petitions Virginia government for back pay for militia service. No location is given for William in these records, although they do state he went to Ohio with Washington. A Capt. Robert Stewart was also with Washington and he was from Stafford Co., as Washington was also from this area it makes it likely for this William to have been recruited in this area. It seems likely that he was the son of the William that wrote his will in 1753. There are several trees on the internet that show this William as the same William that died in 1753. If he was dead, how was he petitioning the government for back pay? I have made that same mistake [too many times!] of not looking at dates closely enough to see if they make sense.
1771 John Dyers’ will, written and proven in Halifax Co., Virginia, mentions William Lansdown as having gotten some land from Dyers’ son, Elisha.
1772 William Lansdown on jury duty in Halifax County, Virginia; This is a couple hundred miles from Westmoreland County. This is the last mention I have found for William in Halifax. Some trees have that this William moved to North Carolina in 1782 as shown in the next entry. Then, he supposedly went back up to Culpeper County to marry Triphene Settle in 1797 and then Lucy Spiller in 1798. Then he seems to have gone back to North Carolina. Not very likely, in my estimation
1782 A William Lansdown in paying personal property tax in Wilkes Co., North Carolina. Is there any proof that these are the same William? It certainly seems likely. If the William receiving back pay was about 20 years old in 1754, he would be about 50 years in 1782; very possible for this to be the same person.

John Lansdown – Stays in Northern Virginia
1753 Mentioned in the will of William Lansdown as his son.
1788 Thirty-five years later a John Lansdown witnesses the will of Thomas Bland in Fauquier Co., Virginia. Is it the same John Lansdown? What proof is there other than the same first name? But then why would you just assume he moved?
1799 John Lansdown pays personal property taxed in Prince William County for 1 white tithe, 1 black tithe and 3 horses or mules.
1810 John Lansdown on census in Prince William County, living in Haymarket, age 45+, with woman age 45+, and a man age 16-25. If this is the same John Lansdown as the one mentioned in William’s will, sixty-three years ago, he would likely be in his 70’s. Possible? yes. Likely? I am not so sure. Is there a missing generation?

Likely Sons of John Lansdown of Prince William
Haymarket, Virginia is located just about 35 miles northwest of Culpeper, Virginia, making the Lansdowns found in these two towns/areas likely relatives. More likely than the ones found 200 miles away, at any rate.

David Lansdown
1794 David Lansdown married Sally Dillard in Fauquier County, Virginia.
1799 David Landsdown buys/obtains a land grant for 188 acres in Culpeper County adjoining the land of Joseph Norman, Sally’s grandfather.
1810 Sarah Lansdown on Culpeper County census with 3 girls ages 10-15. Most likely, sometime in the last eleven years, David has died and left Sally [a nickname for Sarah] to raise their daughters.

William Lansdown
1797 William Lansdown marries Triphene Settle in Culpeper Co. William and Triphene moved to Bedford Co., Virginia with her family and raise their family. [See post “Whatever became of the William Lansdown . . . ]
1798 William Lansdown marries Lucy Spiller in Culpeper Co.
1801 William Lansdown listed on personal property tax list A in Culpeper Co. [His entry dated 15 May.]
It is obvious that some Lansdowns stayed on in Northern Virginia, while other moved south.

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