Joseph Worley of Goochland, Charlotte, and Campbell Counties, Virginia

Joseph Worley was most likely the son of John Worley, II. His grandfather was John Worley, I who was married to Esther [–?–] (her last name was NOT Blount!). John I died in the winter of 1757/1758 leaving a will in Cumberland Co., Virginia which named his children, including son John. New information regarding some of Joseph’s descendants has been uncovered and thought I would post it but wanted to give a little background first.

Virginia’s Colonial Soldiers, Bockstruck, Lloyd DeWitt, p. 235
“Court for Draughting Soldiers, Cumberland County, Virginia 20 June 1757” (Deed Book)
“in pursuance of an Act of Assembly entitled An Act for Granting Aid to His Majesty, for better protection of this
“The following were brought into court and deliver up to Capt. Poindexter Mosby. The following persons were adjudged
to be soldiers. . .
John Worley the 2nd, John Whorley the 3rd . . . Joseph Whorley.
At a court held 28 June 1757, the following persons were discharged . . . John Whorley, the 2nd . . .
At a court held 28 June 1757 the following were adjudged to be soldiers: John Whorley, the 3rd . . . Joseph Worley.”

From this we see that Joseph was old enough to be judged a soldier, which in colonial times would make him about 16 years at the minimum. From this we can say that he was born in 1741 at the latest.

Charlotte Co. Virginia Deed Books, Bk. 1, p. 92
5 Sep1765 William Ussery of Anson Co. North Carolina to Richard Childres of Charlotte Co. For 10 Pounds, 150 Acres in Charlotte on a branch of Wards Fork. All houses, out houses woods, buildings, etc.
Signed: William Ussery.
Wit: Benjamin Vaughn, John Smallman, Joseph Worley. Rec: 7 Oct 1765.

Virginia Publick Claims, p. 231
Whorly, Joseph 1 pound – 10 for a gun Charlotte County

1782 tax list Charlotte County, Va

The following records are from Karen Worley who has done outstanding research on the Virginia Worleys. Her generosity in sharing her work, including her sources, has allowed many other researchers to expand on her work, rather than spending their time repeating it.
-Charlotte Co. 1775 Joseph Worley bought from William Copeland 100 acres on the Middle Fork of Cub Creek
-Joseph Worley worked on a mill house for William Jones, dec’d mentioned in Jones’ will.
-Charlotte Co. 1780s? Signed a petition to break the militia into 2 companies with other familiar names including William Copeland and Joshua Worley. No date [See Virginia Military Records: from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Elizabeth Petty Bentley, p. 133]
-Charlotte Co. 7 Apr 1783 Estate Debtors of the estate of Joseph Marshall include Joseph Whorley
-Charlotte Co. 29 Jun 1786 Joseph Worley sold to Joshua Worley for 25 lbs 100 ac on Little Cub Creek bordering Wm St John, Emanuel Almond and Matthew Jordan
-Campbell Co. 25 Jun 1787 Marriage surety for marriage of Daniel Worley to Rachel Copeland
-Campbell Co. 1787-1792 Joseph Worley listed as paying Personal Property Tax in 1787-89,1792

Campbell Co. VA Personal Property Tax Lists for 1787:
List A:
Renny Worley, May 21; self responsible for tax; 1 white male over 16 & under 21; lived between Wm Reed & Isham Puckett
List B:
John Whirley, May 23; 2 horses, nothing more. lived between Clark Sanford & Jessa Wood
Joseph Whorley, June 7; 1 horse, 2 cattle; lived between Elijah Trent & Wm George

More from Karen Worley
-Campbell Co. 3 May 1789 Joseph Worley gave permission for his daughter Rhoda to marry Moses Worley
-Charlotte Co. 3 Sep 1792 Eliz wife of Wm Copeland relinquishes dower right to 100 ac sold to Joseph Worley in 1775
In the years 1812-1813 a Joseph Worley is found in Buckingham Co. Is he the same one?

Joseph married, and although his wife’s name remains a mystery, we know they had 5 children that have been found: Rhoda, Daniel, Joshua, Reynard, and Henry*. Henry is newly added to the list and I am quite excited that we have found him. His presence has taken care of several loose ends that existed in Buckingham and Bedford counties. Rather than make this posting extremely long, I believe I will post each child separately.

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  3. Valerie BRUNT says:

    I am a 4 th generation of Sam and Lucinda Galloway. Just found the true story of what happened to Lucinda Evans Galloway. Thrilling to discover, sad it was true, thought it was folk lore.

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