What became of the William Lansdown that married Triphenia Settle in Culpeper County, Virginia?

I became curious about the Lansdown family when searching for information about the family of John Lansdon who married Frances Whirley. One thing I have become adamant about is not getting sucked in by the spelling of a name. Look for the way it is most often spelled. John Lansdon’s name was almost always written as Lansdon, but a rather famous travelling minister spelled it Lansdown once and people searching for that family snagged him, and most of his family, into their family trees. Kind of amusing.
This brings me to the Lansdown family in Bedford County, Virginia. I wondered if they were related to the Lansdon family from Powhatan County as were my John Lansdon/Frances Whirley. Frances Whirley’s father moved from Powhatan to Bedford and so I thought there was a possibility. But that too turned out to be false. The Bedford Lansdowns seem to be related to the Halifax family in that both families use the same names (William, John, Johnson, George, etc.) repeatedly and they also seem to be related to the Northern Virginia Lansdown’s, but definitely not to the Powhatan County Langsdon/Lansdon family.

This sort of brings me to William Lansdown who married Triphene Settle in 1797 in Culpeper County, Virginia. I have seen several trees on the internet that have William Lansdown born ca. 1730 in Halifax County, Virginia to either George or William Lansdown, marrying Mary Seamore in Halifax in 1764 and then coming up to northern Virginia to marry Triphene Settle only to move to Wilkes County, North Carolina to die. But, just because two men have the same name, does not mean they are the same person and I was looking for proof. So what did I have? The 1810 Census of Bedford County had a William Lansdown and wife with 4 boys and 3 girls. The 1820 Census of Bedford had William with 6 boys and 3 girls.

I also had some marriage records for the region such as:
Marriage Bonds of Franklin County Virginia 1786-1858
Lansdown, Johnson and Sally Meador, dau. Joseph, Feb. 7, 1825. Sur. Christopher Meador. [p. 150]

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol VI, Virginia
Bedford Co. Marriages
Feb. 27, 1826; Jonas Meador & Polly Lansdown, dt William; Johnson Lansdown, Surety; Married by James Leftwich, March 2, 1826.
Sep. 13, 1828; Joel Landsdon & Nancy Glover, dt William; Charles Hogan, Surety; Married by James Leftwich, Sept. 17, 1828.

William was also listed in the 1830 census with 2 boys and 2 girls still at home, but the thing that really cinched it for me was a chancery suit in Bedford County between the heirs of Norman Settle, Tripehia’s father.

“Fielding Settle v. William Settle, et al” begins in 1833.
“Newman Settle departed this life intestate leaving 5 slaves and 9 children” and heirs of said children to share in the 5 slaves. Children to wit:
Wm Settle, Lewis Settle, Francis Settle, Caly Durrett call Caly Settle who intermarried with Wm Durrett, Nancy Tucker call Nancy Settle who intermarried with Dandridge Tucker, Eley Rucker [md. Thomas Rucker], and Tripheny Lansdown [md Wm Lansdown], your orator Fielding Settle, and Strother Settle a son of said Newman Settle, who departed this life leaving 5 children [named but not of interest to me]
(You can find this suit at http://www.lva.virginia.gov/chancery/ put Landsdown in surname search box.) Some of the highlights of the suit are listed below.
17 Feb 1833 William Lansdown executed a deed of trust for all the interest he had in the estate of his father-in-law Newman Settle to George D Davis and John T Davis to secure payment of a debt. This deed was transferred to several people throughout this lengthy lawsuit.
Page 68 of the suit shows a newspaper notice dated 4 Apr 1833 which mentions William and Triphery (sic). There are a couple of other newspaper notices as well, all mentioning this couple.
In the deposition of Matthew Pate, Johnson Lansdown was identified as a grandson of Newman Settle, which gives us a bit of certainty that he was a son of William and Triphenia.
31 Aug 1837 In the deposition of Wm. B. Settle he stated that Newman Settle died “not far from the close of 1832.”
Deposition of William Durrett
He was present at Newman Settle’s about 29 years ago when he was called on by his 3 daughters “to make choice of three negroes. Triphenia Lansdown, being the oldest chose first . . . chose Davy a boy about 6 or 7.” Lansdown sold him about 1826 or 1827. [This slave was listed in the 1820 census with William Lansdown’s family.]
Deposition of Thomas Rucker
I was present at Newman Settles in the fall of 1809 when the girls were called on to give choice of the negroes he intended to give them – Triphenia Lansdown made choice of a boy named Davy – she requested that the boy be able to remain with his mother until he grew as she had no negroes at her house.
The deposition of Charles Hogan gives William Lansdown’s trade as a stonemason.
This case was finally settled in 1853, after both William and Triphenia were both dead.

William Lansdown died sometime between 1833, when he signs the deed giving up his interest in Norman Settle’s estate, and 1837, when his son Johnson begins to show up in the chancery proceeding and William begins to be referred to in the past tense. The 1850 Census Mortality Schedule has T. Lansdown, a 78 year-old widowed female who died in August 1850 in Bedford Co. Virginia. I believe this was Triphene Settle Lansdown.

Children that I have possitively identified as belonging to William and Triphenia are:
– Johnson, b. ca 1794, md. Sarah “Sally” Meador 1825 in Franklin Co., Virginia. [Franklin Co. borders Bedford Co.]
This was NOT the Johnson Lansdown that married Sally Motley in 1808 in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia. That Johnson Lansdown went to Missouri where he died sometime around 1830. His children married there and in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia Deed Book 33, p. 355 we find:
“The above marriage certifications were accompanied by a Power of Attorney from Waller Bolton, Mary his wife, and William Bolton, and Sarah his wife, to secure for them property belonging to the estate of Johnson Lansdown, deceased, late of Pittsylvania Co., Va. as being his lawful heirs, etc. 26 March 1832 Recorded Pittsylvania Co., Va. 21 May 1832.” Sarah and Mary Lansdown married William and Waller Bolton, respectively on the 14th of March 1832 in Cole Co., Missouri.
The Bedford County Johnson Lansdown was still alive and recorded on the 1850 Census of that county, along with his family.
– Joel, b. ca 1800, md. Nancy Glover, 1828, in Bedford Co. Joel left two sons, James and William A., and at least one unidentified daughter. Joel died between 1830 and 1840. His widow, Nancy, and children are found in the 1840 Census of Bedford Co., and the 1850 Census of Botetourt Co. Note that he is NOT the same Joel Lansdown, son of Reuben, who married Leanna Clark in 1829 in Carter Co., Tenn. This is again the case of two men having the same name not being the same person.
– Mary “Polly” who married Jonas Meador, 1826 in Bedford Co.

Possible children for William and Triphenia include:
– Lucian, b. ca 1813, md. Mary. Lucian died in in 1880, Bedford Co., Va.
– Lidda or Linda
– Harriet.

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  1. sandra Vines says:

    Thank you for this, as I am related to Newman Settle and it gave me some information I wasn’t aware of.

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