Descendants of John and Frances Worley Langsdon


Pay close attention to the number at the beginning of the line. All 2’s are the children of John and Fanny. 3’s would be their grandchildren with the parents directly above them.

1-John Langsdon b. Cir 1739, Goochland Co., Virginia, d. Apr 1822, Powhatan Co., Virginia

+Frances “Fanny” Worley b. Cir 1745, Virginia, m. Bef Dec 1761, d. After 1818 & bef 1820, Powhatan Co., Virginia, par. William Worley and unknown.

2-William Langsdon b. 5 Dec 1761, Maniken Town, Henrico Co., Virginia, served in the Revolutionary War. He, Charles, and Daniel were all in the 1st Dragoons, 2nd Troop, Capt. John Watts. Alive 1785. NFR

2-Julia Langsdon b. Bef 1775, Virginia.
+Edward Branch m. 25 Apr 1791, Powhatan Co., Virginia.

2-Benjamin Langsdon b. 1765-1775, Cumberland Co., Virginia, d. 1820-1830 Powhatan Co., Virginia.
+Anna Magruder m. 4 Jun 1798, Powhatan Co., Virginia, par. [–?–] Macgruder and Joanna

3-Narcissa Langsdon
+Richard Johnson Owen m. 16 Feb 1826, Powhatan Co., Virginia, par. Elisha Owen

4-William Thomas Owen

3-Lavinia Langsdon
+Joseph A. Bailey m. 29 Aug 1831, Powhatan Co., Virginia, par. George Bailey and Unknown

3-Bourbin Lansdon

2-Arthur Langsdon b. Between 1770 and 1780, Powhatan Co., Virginia

3-Edith B. Langsdon

These may belong in this tree as sons of John and Fanny OR  in the tree of William Langsdon, the son of William Lansdon.

2-Daniel* Langsdon Alive 1785. NFR

2-Charles* Langsdon b. Abt 1762, Cumberland Co., Virginia, d. 11 Oct 1831, Bullitt Co., Kentucky
+Edith Burks b. Abt 1759, Prince Edward Co., Virginia, m. Dec 1788, Prince Edward Co., Virginia

3-John Langsdon b. Abt 1790, Virginia, d. 28 Jun 1854, Floyds Fork, Bullitt Co., Kentucky

3-Elizabeth Langsdon
+Royal* Langsdon b. Abt 1780, Virginia, d. Kentucky.

4-Demaris Langsdon
+ Tekel C. Tanner m. 22 Aug 1830, Jefferson Co., Kentucky

3-Mary Langsdon

3-William Langsdon d. 14 Dec 1854, Jefferson Co., Kentucky

3-Charles Langsdon resides possibly Ohio or Michigan when his mother filed for a widow’s pension.

I believe that Royal Langsdon was the son of whoever was not the father of Charles, if that makes sense. Otherwise, he and Charles would be brothers and he would have married his neice.

Please do Spotisadog the favor of citing your source : >
I have spent a lot of time in courthouses and on the web to compile the records found here. I would love your comments, additions or corrections. I know that you descendants of this family, few though you may be, will enjoy this.


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3 Responses to Descendants of John and Frances Worley Langsdon

  1. John says:

    Hi Spotisadog,

    I am a descendant of Tekel Tanner. The Tanners are one of the “mystery” lines on my mother’s side of the family. I had the Charles, Royal and Demaris Langsdon names but precious little else. Tekel had at least five children however I’m not sure if Demaris is the mother of all five. Let’s share info?

    John Clifford

    • spotisadog says:

      I would be happy to share but I don’t really know that much about the Tanners. The Langsdon are just a collateral line. I couldn’t stand that there was no good information on the internet about them and spent a little time researching them. Anyway, I came across Tekel Tanner sort of by accident. There is not that much out there. Gary Tanner is the one that had the wedding date on them but I haven’t verified that. Wish I could be of more help!

  2. Betsie says:

    John Langsdon received certificates for providing equipment and supplies during the Revolutionary War – Commissioner’s book IV p.237
    Claims – Virginia-Powhatan County, Library of Va Archives
    John and Frances dau Julia Langsdon m. Edwrd Branch moved to Butler Co., Oh(land transaction signed by both husband and wife in 1821 & 1823 but no wife signature in 1834). The 1810 census puts them in Va while the 1820 & 1830 census puts them in Ross Twp, Butler Co., Oh so Julia died betw 1830 – 1834. They had four children. Edward was the son of Edward Garner Branch & Elizabeth. Edward Garner’s line can be traced back to John Baraunche b. 1437 in Berkshire, England.

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