William Spiller, Died ca. 1774, King William Co., Virginia

The big question – Is there any relationship between this William Spiller and the other William who lived during the same time period in Stafford/Prince William County? I can’t really answer that question, except to say that there doesn’t appear to be a relationship.

I am not sure if the first entry refers to this William Spiller or not. I do know that his son had property in Northumberland County, so it seems likely that it is this William.

The second entry below identifies William Spiller of King William County as the same William Spiller who owned land in Louisa County, Virginia. Some say that William Spiller’s daughter, Elizabeth, married John Kimbrough, son of the John Kimbrow below. No proof has been offered for that marriage and most likely none will ever be found, given that not many records exist for King William County.

1738 Northumberland County Michaelmass Rent Roll
William Spiller

Miscellaneous Abstracts. – Louisa Co., VA Deed Books
P 18-22 13-14 Feb 1742 (1743) John Kembrow of Louisa Co. to William Spiller of King Wm Co. Lease and release; for L25. Two patents for 800 acres in Frederecksville Par. John Kembrow Wit: George Berry, Wm Kembrow, Thomas Wash Junr. 14 Feb 1742 (1743) ack. By John Kembrow

Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly, Volume 35, Number 3, p. 220
A Merchant’s Account Book: Hanover County, 1743-1744

1743 Mr William Spiller in King William
Decr 1 To 1 Damaged hempen rolls -/19/1
1744 Contra Novr 10 carried.

Old New Kent County [Virginia] Some Account of the Planters, Plantations, and Places, MH Harris, Vol. I p. 896, 897: The Denbigh Plantation
“The early history of this tract is not known, by from its location it fell within the extensive grants of land to Col. Edmund Jenning whose land extended form Moncuen Swamp to Herring Creek.
This points to the fact that Col. Wm Aylett devised land along the ridge to his daughters and it seems likely that one of them fell heir to a part of the Denbigh tract.
Among the early settles in this area was William Spiller who appeared here before 1745 when he was known to be operating an ordinary near the Moncuen and Crenshaw’s Mill.
April 21, 1745
To be sold by Public Outcry on Monday the 2nd of December next . . . on Moncuen Swamp near Spiller’s Ordinary . . . in King William County.
Peter Hay”

Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly, Volume 27, Number 1, p. 62
Virginia Land Patent Book 22, Pages 332-end (1743-1745)

William Spiller: 1600 acres Louisa Co., between Contrary & Christopher Run, bound by Mr. Chiswells c, Colonel Merriweathers c., Robert Hester’s line, Taits c., Adams c., John Kendricks c., 400 a. formerly granted Samuel White 22 Sept. 1739, 800 a. formerly g. John Kimbrow by 2 Ps. 2 Jun 1740, the right and title vested in sd. William Spiller, and the 400 a. the Residue never before granted. (p. 484) 20 Sept 1745.

Louisa County Survey Book, p.60
13 Mar 1748/9 Survey: John Kendrick, 335 acres on the branches of Contrary River and Christopher’s Run in Louisa County. Adjoining William Spiller, Warner Lewis & Ralph Wormleys, John Kembrow, and Robert Hester.

Virginia County Records – Spotsylvania County, 1721-1800, Volume I, edited by William Armstrong Crozier.
Book: E Bond of George Woodroof of Spts. Co. to Wm. Waller of same Co, Gent. 200 curr. As the sd. Waller has become security to Wm. Spiller of King William Co. for the sd. Woodroof and Wm. Woodroof, etc. Recd. 7 Feb 1759.

Joseph Boxley, mentioned in the deed below, is said to have married Catherine Spiller. Another daughter of William’s?

Louisa Co., Virginia Deed Book C, p. 114
1762, Mar 8: Joseph Boxley “of King William Co” purchased from Wm and Elizabeth Garrett of Spotsylvania Co., 400 a. lying in Trinity Parish, Louisa Co. Witnesses: Wm. Spiller, Geo. Pottie, John Longan and Stephen Tatum, William Spiller.

Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish settlement in Virginia, Lyman Chalkey, p. 325
MAY, 1760 (A) Abraham Farrow, of King William, to William Spiller, of said County. Bond 1756. Test: James and Ann Russell. James Graves.

From the following we see that William Spiller, Gentleman, began serving as Justice of the Peace for King William in 1764. He must have served through 1766 as we find on the list again for that year. I included the other names just to give an idea of who lived in the county at the time.

Justices of the Peace of Colonial Virginia: 1757-1775, Virginia State Library
p. 56 King William [Co.] April 11th 1764.
Francis West
James Quarles
Bernard Moore refuse to qualify
Thomas Moore the same
William Cowne
Harry Gaines
Thomas Chamberlayne
Richard Squire Taylor Sher.
John Quarles
Philip Whitehead Claiborne Quor
Carter Braxton
Roger Gregory
John West
William Langborne dead
Owen Gwathmey &
William Spiller Gent.

p. 71 King William November 6th 1766.
Francis West
James Quarles (
William Cowne [To be left out
Harry Gaines dead
Thomas Chamberlayne
Richard Squire Taylor
John Quarles Sherif
Philip Whitehead Claiborne
Carter Braxton Quo:
Roger Gregory
John West
Owen Gwathmey
William Spiller
Ferdinando Leigh
John Hill
Robert Brooke &
William Aylett Gent:

Old New Kent County [Virginia] Some Account of the Planters, Plantations, and Places, MH Harris, Vol. I p. 896, 897: The Denbigh Plantation
“. . . It is from these bits of information that we have been able to locate the area in which William Spiller was living in King William County. It seems that he developed a good size plantation and if he had not been in need of money, we would have had no record of his habitation.
Oct. 24, 1766
To be sold for ready money, the tract of land whereon the Subscriber lives in King William County containing 700 acres – It is within 8 miles of Page’s warehouse where tobacco is sold for the best price, convenient to Churches, Schools, and the Buildings thereon are two dwelling houses, kitchen, storehouse, dairy, meat house, two negro quarters, barn, tobacco house, cornhouse, etc. Also another tract containing 100 acres of good high land lying on the Dorrell Swamp in King William.
William Spiller
There is no record of this property being sold at this time . . .”

About the time William Spiller was serving as a Justice, he began a legal battle with John Waldrope who seems to have successfully eluded the sheriff when he (the sheriff) was trying to serve him with papers.

Caroline Co., VA Order Book 1764-1765 Part 2.
p. 41 William Speller against John Waldrope, defendant came not, p. 310, 15 Sep 1764.

Caroline Co., VA Order Book 1764-1765, Part 3.
p. 58 William Spiller vs. John Waldrope. In debt. Defendant being returned not found on motion of plaintiff a plurias capias is granted him. p. 458, 12 Apr 1765

Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish settlement in Virginia: extracted …, Volume 1, p. 358
JUNE, 1769 (A). William Spiller vs. Joseph Colven, alias Corbin.–Petition, 1768. Memo: The above Joseph Colven, at the time he contracted the debt, lived with one Wm. Loggins in King William County, and enlisted himself in the Regiment in 1760-61, but am informed is since married to widow, by whom he has several children, about 6 miles below Staunton, in Augusta, about 1/2 mile from Stone Meeting House. (Signed) Wm. Spiller. Spiller was from King William, 1760.

The following record shows us that sometime before June 1774 William Spiller, Gentleman, had passed away. The administrators of his estate had a lawsuit against Lazarus Yarborough in neighboring Caroline County, otherwise we would have no way of knowing the timeframe in which he died.

The Edward Pleasant Valentine Papers, Vol. I, p. 402
Caroline County Records

George Dabney and Benjamin Clevias Spiller admns of William Spiller, Gent. vs Lazarus Yarborough. June 1774. OB 1774-76, pp. 44 & 48.

Old New Kent County [Virginia] Some Account of the Planters, Plantations, and Places, MH Harris, Vol. I p. 896, 897: The Denbigh Plantation
“. . . and in 1782, William Spiller was charged with 265 acres [this would be William Spiller the son] and Benjamin C. Spiller was charged with 615 acres in King William on land tax records.”

Now we know that William Spiller, Gentleman, left at least two sons in this area, Benjamin Clevias and William. Both of these men would serve as officers for the Virginia Line in the Revolution against England. Possible daughters for this William Spiller would be Catherine Spiller who married Joseph Boxley and Elizabeth Spiller who married John Kimbrough, III. I will deal with sons Benjamin and William in seperate posts to follow.

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