William Spiller, Stafford and Prince William Counties, Virginia, died 1754.

This family is maddeningly confusing. Every generation uses the same given names repeatedly. You have several brothers of a single generation naming their sons after their brothers so that you get many men of the same generation with the same name! One of my goals in posting this information is to clearly post what is conjecture and what is proven. I will try to use words like probably and possibly to indicate relationships that are not backed up by documentation.

Below is the first record I have found for William Spiller. If he was married with a son, let’s just say he was at least twenty years old in 1707 when this first entry was recorded. This would give him a year of birth of 1687 or earlier. I see that his wife’s name was Mary but I have not uncovered anything that suggests even remotely what her last name may have been, so all the people out there with her as Mary Mason are pushing a myth until somebody uncovers some proof.

It seems likely that this family of Spillers was related to the Spillers of King William and Prince George Counties, Virginia mainly because the names of people around them are similar. For example, they all seem to have known Rice Hooe. However, no proof of any relationship has been uncovered. No deeds, wills, court records, or Bible records, etc. have been uncovered linking them.

George Spiller of Stafford County is one possible father for this William. George left records in Stafford from 1690 to 1718 when his death was recorded in the parish records of St. Paul’s Parish which covered areas in Stafford and King George Counties. See “Early Spillers of Westmoreland, Stafford, and Prince William Counties, Virginia” for more on early Spillers.

William Spiller began to accumulate land in the area in 1707, or that is the earliest record for him that I have found. This land was on the Occaquan River, near Washington, D.C. Prime real estate today and I am sure it was prime real estate in 1720’s. The first record we have found for him includes both his wife’s name and his oldest son’s name. I am going to try to not clog this up with every record I have found for him, just the more important transactions.

Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 36, No. 3, p. 198-200
John Mercer’s Land Book

William Brent to William Spiller, lease 25 August 1707, to William Spiller and Mary his now wife for the longest life of them and for the life William Spiller son of William and Mary, “for the longest liver of them” one tenement of land . . . lying in the Potowmack Neck.
William and Mary Spiller transferred the right to this lease to Henry Parry for 3000lbs of tobacco to be pd yearly 10 Sept 1714.

Stafford County, Va, Deed Book J, Pages 21-22, 1729-1748, Ruth and Sam Sparacio.
This indenture made 10th March in seventh year of the reign of our sovereign Lord George the first between Henry Filkin of County of Stafford Planter and William Spiller of county aforesaid…for sum three thousand two hundred pounds of good tobacco and for divers good causes doth grant tract in County Stafford beginning upon the main Run of Occaquan and on the North side of the main run at the mouth of a branch commonly called the Mare Branch and extending to the back line it being part of 750 acres granted to me Henry Filkin and Mathew Moss by patent from under hands and seals of the proprietors agents and so along the back line to a branch commonly called the Mare Branch…to first beginning…for 100 acres of land.
Presence of:
Samuel Kent
David Anderson
William Bland
Att a court held in Stafford County March 14th 1721, Then came Henry Filkin and personally acknowledged the within deed…ordered to be recorded.

Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, Vol. 1, Gertrude Entz Gray
p. 74 A-29: William Spiller of Stafford Co., 350 ac on Occaquan in Stafford Co. Wrnt 19 Feb last. Surv. by Capt Thos Hooper 22 Feb. last. Adj. William White, John Bennett, ffrancis Jackson, dec’d. Brenton Grant [see A-12]. 11 Apr 1723.
(Brenton Grant – 3000 acres granted by Lord Culpeper to George Brent, Robert Bristow, Richard Foot and Nicholas Wayward, 10 Jan 1686.)
p. 78 A-103 William Spiller of Stafford Co., 269 A in said county on Occaquan adj. Cha’s Wattkins, Henry Felkins, Tho’s Whitledge, Lewis Tackett. 11 Jan 1724.
p. 83 (A-195) William Spiller of Stafford Co., 116 A in sd county on Occaquan River Cabbin Branch 8 Feb 1725.

The Register of Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia, 1723-1758, George Harrison Sanford King, p. 159
William Spiller \
John Spiller \ 4 tithes 17210 tobacco plants
Warington Spiller /
John Grub /
William Spiller, Junr 1 tithe 6000 tobacco plants

This parish levy list gives us the first indications of the names of William and Mary Spillers’ children. We know that once a young man reached the age of 16 he was considered tithable and at twenty-one he would have been responsible for paying his own tithe. Since I haven’t seen the list for 1723, I don’t know which Spillers were listed on it, so we can only say that William Jr. was at least twenty-one, maybe older, narrowing his year of birth down to 1703 or earlier. John and Warrington would have been born sometime between 1703 and 1708, both being at least sixteen but under twenty-one.

Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 36, No. 3, p. 220
John Mercer’s Land Book

William Brent to John Mercer Lease for Lives Indenture of 27 August 1733 between William Brent of Overwharton Parish, Stafford co, Gent. to John Mercer of the same parish and county, gent. . . . to one William Spiller of the messuage tenement and plantation hereinafter mentioned for and during the lives of the said William Spiller, Mary the wife of the sd Wm Spiller, and William Spiller the son of the sd Wm Spiller (all of whom are now living) . . . in Potowmack Neck in the county of Stafford . . .

I didn’t copy the whole of this. It basically was a turning over of the land that William and his wife Mary got in 1707 to John Mercer. It was a bit of a surprise to find William and Mary Spiller both still living in 1733 and William, at least, lives for a couple more decades. Several of the Spiller men had long lives. Good genes!

The following record was in Prince William County (PWC) which formed in 1731 from Stafford County, Virginia, so it is likely that county boundaries just changed around the Spillers.

Prince William County, Virginia Deed Book Liber A 1731 – 1732, Deed Book Liber B, 1732-1735, p. 39
Pages 63-66. July 15, 1733. Henry Filkin of Pr. William, planter to Richard Wright of same co., trader….for 4000 lbs. Tob…..land whereon now lives Benjamin McColough….on small run called Spillers Run issuing out of south side of Cedar Run in Parish of Hamilton….containing 50 a….part of a greater tract of 800 a ….greater tract was granted in joynt tenancy unto Halley and Hogan by deed from the Proprietors office then granted in Stafford Co….greater tract was divided between said Halley and Hogan and said Halley sold his part of said land unto William Spiller as by records in Stafford Co….the 50 a was sold by William Spiller unto Henry Filkin as by records in Stafford Co…..land standing in a line of greater tract….near William Spillers Jr….line of Charles Gwatkins below the head of the race ground….corner to Thomas Whitledge….deed of lease and release.
Henry Filkins
Wit: Thomas Reno, Robart (B) Bates
At court July 18, 1733 Henry Filkins, planter acknowledged this release to Richard Wright, trader.

The Encyclopedia of Dumfries, Virginia 1700-1739
1738-RENT ROLLS – Prince William County, VA
William Spiller
“Fauquier Co. was formed in 1759, being taken from Prince William Co. The Rent rolls of Prince William Co. (1738) are to be found later in Fauquier Co.”

Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, Vol. 1, Gertrude Entz Gray, p. 139
E-368 William Spiller of Stafford Co now PWC has Patent for 116 A on Main Run of Occoquan R & Long Cabin Br. Feb 1725. Surv. erroneous. Spiller returned original Grant & desires his son Warrington Spiller to have sd land in Deed w/ 217 A adj. waste land. 333 A. Grant to Warrington Spiller. Surv. by Mr. Joh Warner. Adj. Samuel Dishman, Maurice Bevan, John Florence, Wm Spiller, Mr. Geo. Byrne, Francis Jackson. 23 Nov 1741.

Now we have proof that Warrington was indeed the son of William Spiller of Stafford!

Robert Bland William Bland James Bland, Jr.
John Nevil John Reeves James Bland
George Calvert William Spiller John Bland

Many other names are on this list. These are just some that are of interest. A later generation will marry the granddaughter of George Calvert.

Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, Vol. 2, Gertrude Entz Gray, p. 3
(F-62) William Spiller of PWC 46 a (including 182 acre surplus) in part of 740 a granted to John Hogan 24 Sept 1710 in PWC adj. Wright’s land, Gwatkins, land formerly used by Hunter, William Thompson, on Cedar Run 22 Dec 1742

1748: Prince William Co., Va., Deed of Gift
William Spiller, Sr. of the Parish of Dettengen, Planter, for the love and affection which I have and do bear towards John MAYSEY and my loving granddaughter, Mary, his wife, of the Parrish of Truro, County of Fairfax, have given and granted . . .one tract of land in the Parrish of Dittingin, Prince William Co., . . . 150 acres, . . So. side of Main Run Occoquan and on the lower side of a small branch called French Branch, thence up . . . at the Mouth of the inside fork of said branch thence up the said fork . . . near the head of the said fork, . . . line in the Midle Branch, thence down the said Branch with the old line to Long Branch, thence down Long Branch to the Main Run of Occoquan.
Witness: John METCALFE, William JOENS, Edward GWATKIN.

I have seen it written on many people’s trees that Mary Maysey was the daughter of Warrington Spiller. I have never seen any proof. Does anyone have any proof of this? I do know that she could just as easily be the daughter of Margaret Spiller Gwatkins and her husband Edward. Edward Gwatkins actually witnessed this transaction which makes me think that maybe he is more likely her father. If Warrington was her father, why not have him as a witness? If people want to make a guess as to who belongs to whom, that’s is great, but the guess should be clearly labelled a guess, and why not at least include the reasoning behind the guess?

Prince William County, Virginia Rent Rolls, p. 180
1751, 1753, 1754 William Spiller

Prince William County, Virginia Order Book 1754-1755
November 26, 1754 A deed of gift from William Spiller to William Splawn was proved by the oaths of the witnesses thereto and on the motion of the said William Splawn the same is admitted to record:
George Mason, William Bear, John Duncan plaintiffs Rebecca Tomlin, William Cornwell, William Emmons defendants
Suit is continued.

This was a suit brought to recover the lands that were given to William Splawn by William Spiller. Rachel Spiller, “of full age”, gave a deposition in a case in 1761 (see Prince William Co., Virginia Deed Book P 1761-1764) stating that Mrs. [Rachel] Spiller had not cohabited with her husband, William Spiller, Jr., “until after his father died and a little before he brought suit against William Splane for the land he afterwards recovered.” If true, and the suit involving Splawn/Splane occurred in 1754, then William, Sr. must have died before 29 November 1754. No relationship is given in these court papers as to who this second Rachel Spiller was.

Prince William Co., VA Bond Book, Aug 1753-1782, , Abstracted by June Whitehurst Johnson
2/28/1757 – William Spiller dec.; William Spiller Adm.; William Tackett and George Dodson.

Prince William County Order Book 1755-1757, p. 257
February 27, 1757: Administration of the Estate of William Spiller, dec’d, is granted to William Spiller, his Son, he having taken the oath of an Administrator and entered into the executed bond with George Dodson, and William Tackett, his secritys according to Law for his faithful adminstration of the said Estate. Ordered that George Mason, Francis Jackson, Richard Wright, Nicholas Noland appraise.

Children of William Spiller, Sr.
1.William Spiller, Jr. Proof – mentioned in lease from William Brent to William Spiller as early as 1707. A William Spiller Sr. is mentioned in Rent Rolls of PWC and then William Spiller, dec’d. Finally, the last entry above, date 27 Feb. 1757 states the William Spiller was the son of William Spiller.
2.Margaret Spiller – Proof – PWC Deed Book P, p. 74-81, the testimony of Margaret Gwatkins, wife of Edward, is objected to on the grounds that she is the sister of the deceased, the deceased being William Spiller, Jr..
3.Warrington Spiller – Proof – In 1724 William Spiller pays his tithe. Real proof comes from Virginia Northern Neck land grants, Volume 1, Gertrude Entz Gray, p. 139 where William Spiller calls Warrington Spiller his son.
These are the only three people that I have what I feel is sufficient proof to say they are definitely children of William Spiller.

Possible/Likely additional children of William Spiller.
4.Waddington Spiller – Did Waddington even exist? I think that his name was just a mis-spelling of Warrington. I am beginning to wonder if “Wadd” was a nickname given to Warrington, Jr.
5.John Spiller – WHY? – 1724 William Spiller pays his tithe. He could be just another Spiller relative, but I think he and and Warrington are likely sons of William. Since Warrington turned out to be a definite son, I would be more inclined to think that John is also a definite son. The real question is, what became of this John? This was the only mention of him in the records that I have found. What seems to be a different John Spiller was present in PWC in 1761 court records.

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14 Responses to William Spiller, Stafford and Prince William Counties, Virginia, died 1754.

  1. Bill Lind says:

    My wife’s mother was Clara Mae Spiller. Her father Theodore Sherman Spiller who are decendants of Joel Morris Spiller. Joel came to the country, s best I can determine in 1825-28, and lived in New York City. He began to migrate to the west going to Ohio, then Indiana, and finally settling in Union County, Illinois. I know there is some Spiller families in Williamson Co. Illinois, and this family appears to have been settled in the area for quite some time. I am wondering if there is any posibility this is a branch, Joel Morris Spiller, from Williams family.
    Any information you may give will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you Bill

    • spotisadog says:

      Hi, Bill –
      I have certainly taken way too long to respond this query! I took a job teaching ninth grade science on very short notice last August. I was a little over my head in terms of preparation at first and had to get my bearings after not teaching for over a decade. Then I was just plain too busy. Classes just ended. It makes me feel like a kid to be so excited that school is out.

      In answer to your question, they may well be related on the other side of the pond (that is, in England), but I don’t know what the connection may be. I have not done any research on the Spiller family in England, but I do know that is where they originated.

      Good luck in your search!

  2. The Brenton (aka Brent Town or Town Run) grant was to Hayward, not Wayward. The website is not mine, and it may not be considered to be a reliable source, but I posted it as a source for this correction.

  3. spotisadog says:

    Thanks, Victor. It looks like a pretty well-documented source. I love to have correct information. I am trying to figure out if I misspelled that name or if the transcriber did. Thanks for sharing. You never know when one name might be the key to unlocking a whole family line!

  4. spotisadog says:

    Apparently, the link you sent didn’t make it past some filter at wordpress. Here it is –

  5. Tracey Ramsey says:

    I stumbled across this web page today while I was looking for information on our Kendall ancestors. I TOTALLY agree with your first paragraph above! I had just whined to my husband last night about the way they used the same given names over and over. We have twins naming their own twins after each other. UGH! LOL I wish they could have thought different names for their kids rather than William and Samuel!!! We have the same problem with our ancestors and it’s so confusing sometimes.

    • Steve Pearson says:

      Hi Tracy. While surfing for any information on the net on my Spillers family, I saw your post here. I have Kendall too. As a matter of fact my ancestor was Rachel Spillers dau of William and Sarah Regan Spillers who married William Kendall. I have no information on William Kendall’s ancestry. I heard they were from the VA area. Do we connect? My email is spearson55@chartermi.net

  6. Jess Spiller says:

    Hello Bill
    My grandfather was Theodore Sherman Spiller and I have traced him back to Joel Morris Spiller.
    I have been unable to prove who is Joel’s father. One candidate is Robert Spiller and for his mother Hannah Morrish. Do you have any info on Joel’s father?
    Jess Spiller

    • spotisadog says:

      Locations and dates would be helpful in locating this specific Joel Spiller. Joel was an especially popular name amoung the Spillers.

      • BSpiller says:

        I am also a descendant of Joel Spiller. He married Mary Adaline and had 4 boys, Robert (1820), John (1823), George (1825), and Charles (my g-g-great grandfather, born in 1827). I have seen a few others suggest Hannah Morrish, but there is no evidence to support it. Joel passed in June of 1859 or 1860 in Union County, IL.

  7. Ann Mitchell says:

    Hello Bill, You mentioned here:
    Robert Bland William Bland James Bland, Jr.
    John Nevil John Reeves James Bland
    George Calvert William Spiller John Bland

    Many other names are on this list. These are just some that are of interest. A later generation will marry the granddaughter of George Calvert.

    Can you tell me the name of the Spiller and Calvert that married and any other details your have?

  8. spotisadog says:

    Henry Spiller married Anne Strother Calvert about 1823. She was the widow of Issacher Smith and the daughter of Ralls Calvert and Mary Wade Strother. They lived in the area of Culpeper County, Virginia that became Rappahannock Co. when Rappahannock was formed in 1833.
    Henry and Anne had at least 3 children:
    Edward Nehemiah Spiller,
    Sophia Spiller, and
    Martha Elvira Spiller

  9. carolyn Thompson says:

    Rachel Taquette, 1714-1792 Stafford & Prince Wm. counties, married a William Spiller in 1737. Her William Spiller died in 1761.

  10. carolyn Thompson says:

    Pr. Wm. County, Va. Minute Book (Antient Press): 1752-1753; 27 June 1753) pg. 174-175

    Rachel Spiller testified for the Tackett/Reno side. Lewis Tackett had a daughter, Rachel. She had a brother, William.

    Prince Wm. Co., Va. Bond Book, Aug 1753-1782 Wm. Spiller dec. William Tackett ,administrator

    Prince Wm. Co., Order Book 1755-1757, p. 257

    William Tackett entered into executed Bond for security for administration of Wm. Spiller’s estate.

    I believe Rachel was Rachel Tackett, Prince William Co., wife of William Spiller, Jr.

    Carolyn Thompson

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