Isaiah Worley, Tennessee, 1812

Found this article in The Star, Raleigh, North Carolina, June 19, 1812, p. 1.
State of Tennessee, Lincoln County.
Whereas Isaiah Worley, having been legally Committed to the Gaol of Lincoln County on a charge of Felony – did on the the night of the 6th inst. Brake Gaol and cleared himself, taking with him two Blankets.——-
Isaiah Worley is a man about five feet eight or nine inches high, eighteen or nineteen years of age, dark complected, a down look with brown hair, and tolerably heavy made. Any person apprehending said Worley and confining him in any Gaol in this State, so that he can be brought to Justice shall be liberally rewarded by me.
Fayetteville, May 6th, 1812.

Does anyone claim this Isaiah? What was his crime and did he escape or was he re-captured? If you know anything about this Isaiah, post a comment and let us know.

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One Response to Isaiah Worley, Tennessee, 1812

  1. erlene watts says:

    Lovick Worley of Halifax N.C. Had a son named Isiah listed among his children at his death. Said children-Diana,Moses,Charity and Isiah were put under gardianship of Isham Davis. An older brother,Gabriel Worley,moved to Tennessee and eventuelly settled in giles Co Tn. Moses also moved to Tn. Have not been able to locate info on the other children. Wonder if this Isiah was son of Lovick who died about 1796. Also found–Isiah Worley Married Susannah Hutchinson in Davidson Co. Tn. on June 22,1814. Would like to correspond on Worley line.

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