About my genealogy research

This blog is about families I have researched. I do genealogy for the thrill of cracking the puzzle, maybe like other people do crosswords or jigsaw puzzles. I tend to go off on a limb of my family tree, altough I couldn’t explain why. Many times I will see misinformation on the internet in a branch of my own tree and go off trying to track down the truth. So often, it’s out there, you just have to find it. You also have to enjoy looking in courthouses, etc.

I would love to have you send me a message with your thoughts, questions, etc. If you are interested in the source(s) of my information, I would be happy to share that with you. Please, if you see a mistake, let me know.



13 Responses to About my genealogy research

  1. Al Lansdon - Sparks, Nevada says:

    I found a post about William Lansdown and another from “Jenkins” that said:
    While searching for your Lansdown, I would recommend that you not tie yourselves down to this spelling. The Lansdown(e)/Lansdon/Lansden/Lansdon family that I have been researching in colonial Virginia used all of the above spellings, mainly because they were not the ones doing the spelling. It was the parish clerk [he spelled it Lanedon one time], the clerk of the court, etc. Remember that there was no real ‘standard’ way of spelling. When this family was in Henrico and Goochland counties it was almost always spelled Lansdon, but when the county boundary changed and they were in Powhatan, almost all the records say Langsdon. The Douglas Register has the name Lansdown. But in all cases, it is the same family. At any rate, members of this family moved into Bedford, Amherst, and other surrounding counties, as did almost everyone from the area.
    If anyone on this list is interested in the family of William Lansdon whose name morphed into Lansdown and Langsdon, let me know and I will post what I have on his family.

    I am not sure who I am talking to but here goes:

    I have been doing research on my Lansdon family and just started looking at the “different spelling” possibilities. I have quite a bit of completely unorganized information that I would love to share with anybody interested.
    Last year I drove down to Goochland Co VA area and found some information, but not what I wanted.

    The key piece of information that I have is: I have a “Lansdon Family Tree” that was that my father had (Allen Nichols Lansdon). I think it was given to us by one of our cousins visiting from Oregon. It is a hand written diagram on paper. At the top it says: “The family tree runs back to William Lansdon, who was married in London England in 1624 and in the same year was granted 200 acres of land in Elizabeth City county Virginia.”
    I have not been able to find him on any boats from england with that spelling. I have found references to a few William Lansdon names in Virginia but the dates indicate “sons of sons”. I cannot find the William that would have been in Virginia sometime after 1624.
    Please contact me if you have some ideas.
    Al Lansdon

    • spotisadog says:

      You found me. I did write that comment. I will have to say that I have done a little extra research since writing it and while it is true that this Lansdon family had its name written all those ways, there is another family in Virginia with the consistent spelling of Lansdown/Landsdown. Sometimes you find their names mis-spelled Lansdon, but not often.

      I found a William Lansdon in Elizabeth City County in 1624 – see my post “Earliests Langstons, Lansdens, etc. in Virginia”. Below are a couple of snippets of it. I have not found anything other than the similarity in name to indicate a relationship between this William and the later William Lansdon in Goochland. It is, of course, possible. There just is no proof. I hope this is some help. To find this post use the drop down box under categories and select Lansdon. I think it is the last one down in that group.

      Virginia County Records, Vol. VI, Crozier, William Armstrong, ed.
      Elizabeth City County Book No. 1.
      Original Source Page Name: 40 Wm. Lansden 1624 100 acres
      Elizabeth City County Book No. 1.
      Original Source Page Name: 479 Wm. Lansden 1624 100 acres

      • Linda Mizell says:

        What is your source for noting that John Worley was appointed Sexton of South Chapel in 1748. I’ve tried to locate a source on-line, but perhaps it’s one that is not available on-line.

  2. Kate LePine says:

    I enjoyed the Spiller writeups. They link with some research I have been doing for forty odd years.

    Now, if you would just get interested in —- (pause for strength)– the William PAYNE
    who intermarried with the DIX family of Pittsylvania Co. ——-.

    Anyhoo, will be checking your site often.

    Kate, — also of Halifax Co.

    • spotisadog says:

      I have lots more to say on the Spiller family. I started teaching again (high school science) and have much less time to devote to writing on the blog. I am working on sorting out what I think are at least four Philip Spillers that seem to be lumped as one person.

      I do have several Payne’s in a tree of Whorleys from Bedford County, Virginia but have not concentrated on them at all. Sorry.

      Thanks for the nice note.

  3. Pam Worley Lopatin says:

    Nice write-up on John Whorley/Worley of VA. I just started researching my Worley family tree and am looking for the connections between Bryant Worley Sr, born about 1815 (in NC) and early VA Worleys. Bryant is suspected of being the youngest son of Elias Worley of Columbus County NC … but no one has been able to produce birth certificate or gravestone with proof. So he could be the son of just about any Worley. Have you made any connections between your Worley families of VA and moving south to NC? Bryant Worley headed off on his own in his early teens and ended up buying land just east of Jackson MS in the 1830s (Pisgah), My family line comes directly from him. If you love a mystery, this is it! You’d think that with a name like “Bryant” we should be able to find my great great grandfather…

  4. s says:

    If you have an interest in Wilsons….. which no one in their right mind would. Contact me. Mine seem all mixed up with the Joseph Ogle, Joseph Worley, Biggs lines, in Frederick MD. With a Clelland twist. Anyway would like to see more posts on them. Happy New Year!

    • spotisadog says:

      I have tried to figure out Joseph Worley, Joseph Ogle, etc. Would love to compare notes. I am on the way to work, but will contact you later. Thanks for the note!

  5. Ralph Denlinger says:

    Hello, I wish to correspond directly with you concerning David Worley, gunsmith of East Nottingham Twp, Pa. I am the Chairman of the Historical Commission. I don’t believe David actually owned the inn, but operated it. There were as many as 2 or 3 innleepers here at the same time at some point. I can send you an image of the inn and a map showing where it is located.

  6. Mike Crain says:


    I have been doing research On Raccoon John Smith of Owingsville, Ky. His daughter Maria married James Andrew Jackson Lee whose father was John Lee of Flemingsburg Ky and Wyoming, KY. Raccoon Smith purchased the 193 acres of property from the Richard Hickman Menefee and his siblings after the death of his mother. Raccoon then built an unusual house on the property that folklore suggests was designed by Gideon Shryock. I have become stuck on uncovering the the ancestral line of J.A. J Lee’s family. any help would be appreciated. By the way, I live in Lexington, Ky and hope to visit Frankfort to uncover the court documents related to murder of his slave by George Landsdowne

  7. Carole Burris says:

    I am really interested in your blog. I am connected to the Lansdown family through David, son of Clary Lansdown. I also have a 3x Great Grandmother, named Nancy Worley, who married Elisha Russell and went to GA. Now, I believe I have another connection to the Worley’s through Elizabeth who married Thomas Gibson. I believe their son, John, may have married Mary Lockett, daughter of Thomas Lockett, who is mentioned in your blog as being a neighbor of Thomas Worley.
    Would like to know if anyone else has information on this Lockett family. Your blog has almost proven the connections I have been looking for. I have saved it to my favorites and share much of this information with other researchers in my family. If I am correct, then 3 lines of my family are written about here. Thanks for the good information.

  8. Janet Hix says:

    I have really enjoyed your blog! I am trying to find a marriage record for Sarah Crouch and Colin C. Spiller b. 1821 (found in your blog)…and any associated information regarding her family. Merci MUCHO. Janet

  9. Whitney Rapp says:

    Hi, I’m interested in your Worley Family tree. I’m trying to connect a Worley ancestor who I have overlap in DNA with to “the tree.” Francis Worley (1668 – 1728) is my 8th great grandfather. They believe they have a John Worley (~1820) then William Worley (~1845-1918) then Maud Worley (1882-1964). The DNA says there is a link, I’m just not finding the sources to match. Thanks

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